Often times women come to me unclear about what they want to do next on their career path. 

They can recognize that they’re feeling a lack of dissatisfaction in their current circumstances, and maybe even an urge to complete where they’re at. Yet, because their “what’s next” isn’t yet clear, they stay where they are. They feel disempowered- feeling like their only choice is to wait for the Universe to send them a sign, for that clarity to come before they can do anything.  

While I’m a big believer in Divine timing, signs, and things unfolding- I’m also a big believer that we can and must do our part, as well. So, back when I found myself stuck and unclear about my what’s next, I designed a little research project for myself. One that allowed me to look at each of the significant jobs I’d held since high school and see what I liked and disliked about each of them. I developed a series of categories to look at - and gave myself time and space to answer the same set of questions for each of them. My hope was that by the end,  I’d have a more clear picture of what types of work, work environments, co-workers, etc...were fulfilling, and which ones I should say no to.

It was powerful and illuminating. 

Through this experience, I was able to get a clear sense of my joys, my deal breakers, and under what circumstances I came the most alive- and used that information to move forward in my life. And that information led me to a job where I had the honor of using all my natural gifts and talents on behalf of thousands of women for almost a decade. 

My intention is that this exercise brings you the clarity that fuels you to move from feeling unempowered and unclear to clarity and a greater sense of empowerment. Click here to download the instructions.

Here’s to greater levels of clarity!